Equipment List
PA system, monitors and frontline

Mackie SA1521 full range active speakers 600w 133 dB
Mackie HD 1521 full range active speakers 800w
Mackie SRM 450 full range active speakers 400w
Mackie 1801 Sub woofer 900w
Mackie 1501 Subwoofer 600w
Wharfdale wedge monitor 400w
Nexo PS15 speakers
Camco power amplifier
Fender portable pa system 500w

Midas M32 digital mixer
Mackie Mixer CFX20 20 channel
Mackie mixer pro fx8 8 channel
Pioneer CDJ-200's with Denon DJ mixer
Denon 4000 DJ unit
Numark mixtrax pro DJ unit

Shure SM58 wireless microphones
Shure body pack transmitter
Shure headset mics
Drum kit mics
DI boxes Boss, Samson and Red Box.
Backline and percussion

Marshall valvestate 100w lead amp
Line 6 150w guitar amp
Trace Elliot Bass amp
Peavey 150w keyboard amp

Peace drum kit
1 kick
3 Tom toms
1 Snare
2 cymbals
1 hi hat
Lighting and effects

Follow spot
Profile light
Video light 1000w
1000w Par cans
300w Par cans
360w 5 in 1 LED parcans outdoor
120w 4 in 1 LED parcans outdoor
240w 4 in 1 LED parcans
180w 3 in 1 LED parcans
18 x 3 LED parcans
mini par cans
Sharpie moving heads
Robe 160 moving heads
Robe 575 moving heads
Robe 1200 moving heads
Oby-5 575 Moving heads
Oby 600 moving wash
Static wash
Double Derby disco light
2 other disco lights - laser and led
3.5w very large laser.
Colour floods
DMX controller  standard
Pearl 2010 dmx controller
Sunlite suite DMX controller
Mantra Lite
Audio Visual

Sony 6000 lumen projectors
Sony 3500 lumen projectors
Panasonic PT D-3500E projector  
2 x screen 8' x 8'
2 x screen 9' x 12'
Roland HD40 seamless  switcher
2 x 42" panasonic LCD screens
2 x 60" Sharp LED screens
KARAOKE system - 30,000 songs
Headhunter Production